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I really hope to see this site take off,

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My streaming link is here:!

I stream every Tuesday 4-6pm

Main fandoms I draw for: [ Hollow knight | Sky: cotl | Hyper Light Drifter ]

I also draw my eclectic bunch of ocs and am just now transitioning into 3d art

my main oc --

good for tonight, im qing the rest


A sentinal on oreworld, ethos catalogs the creatures that pass through their garden

Lyr in his bbay colors, and one where hes a trapinch

request art from twitter

a lovely oread with no story

not much to say, a drawover of sketchbook art

a personal kiriban i did on FA at 500 views


This sleek Oread traveled far to break the controlling threads connecting her to their creator. After finding and befriending the wild copper oread Eulyrian they now travel together. Neither can truly communicate with the other but they make do with elaborate games of charades and a rudimentary sign language


Being based on pottery her look changes depending on a viewers visual experience, her most refined form has plates of dragon scale running along her body, to a child it's just fluff

Song: Odesza: kusanagi

This is a mid sized Oread! her body has hardened and glitters a shimmering display in the crystal caverns that marks her territory, the impeccable camouflage lets her stay a hidden observer. She trills a echoing lullaby to join the chorus of song around them

Enticed by the world around her unfortunately still a bit skittish of the unknown

my first oc was wingless dragon named Aqua that i had a roleplay page on my neopets petpage forever ago

roomates character

Pixeltober 2018

small collection of pixels i did for 2018's pixeltober, pleasee dont mangle these waterfall

i reallly liked the thick bird legs on this character i might try and bring it back

enzi! a forest guardian

this old art comes with a bop!

song: Aests - FIGHT!

i like the top sketch a lot still

Golden Dandelions

ode to a pokemon comic ill never make

this is one of the first digital art things i ever drew with my ipad air (2013) in 2018 im still impressed by that little tablet

my roomate gave me the advice in 2018: to get good at art you need to draw things on boxes